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People ask us all the time just what we really are, and yes Nada Que Temer Galleria is closed to the general public, and open by invitation only, displaying art that is only made upon request. We are building a community of artists in and of the southern United States. We looked up one day and realized that we have a lot of art between us, and we might as well display it. We are featuring new events all the time mostly week to week but sometimes day to day, if you wanna contact us, we’d love to hear from you.

Oh excuse me Arthur, It’s Art, excuse me Art.

We like to tell everybody that we are not your grandmothers art gallery, stuffy paintings on the walls, maybe some soft chamber music, nope, not here, with performance art, sculptures, freeze modeling, live music, light art, a room that is blacked completely out, and yes we have so much more, we love to hear from you.

Who we are.

for A couple of years after we opened we just did our own thing, whatever that one thing was, having some fun, making a few dollars, and best of all no one died or sustained serious bodily injury. But after some time had passed a nephew of one of our warehouse employees said can I put my painting in the galleria? And I said sure, come one up!!! And ever since then we show limited collections, short runs, and experimental art of all kinds. I get so disgusted by the acquirement of wealth, I know it makes the world go round but it’s not really what we’re about, we’re a family that is holding ourselves to a standard and holding our artists up to that standard too, and if they should meet that standard they will find them selves on a pedestal. Don’t be shy, do you think you’ve got what it takes? Are you going to step out of the darkness or are you ruled by fear?

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